Upcycle and Mixed Media – a house project series

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It’s thrifting time! Where are my practical and resourceful peeps at?! I had so much fun finding these treasures from our mini vacation in Calgary, Alberta and our mini stop in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. If you are wondering where these places are, they are in Canada.

I had made it a point to visit these thrift stores because I was curious and had a hunch that I will be able to find unique items in these stores. I was not disappointed. During our little excursions at Goodwill stores, Salvation Army thrift stores, Value Village and MCC. I can say that Goodwill offer cheaper prices.

Why go to the thrift stores? Our house will undergo a series of makeovers starting with our living rooms. What is a great way to get a bang for your buck? Thrifting! My husband is not a fan of shopping let alone thrifting. But he had fun with what he called as “extreme antiquing” when he found his favorite items and got a great deal out of them!

What did we get from the Goodwill stores? Let me break it down for you:

  • 2 pieces of Vintage style chairs C$12 each from Goodwill Thrift Store Macleod Trail SE , (the store had a no tax promotion when we went there, SWEET!).  Which I will be reupholstering myself with the help of my husband. They will serve as our accent chairs in the living room. Disclaimer: I have NO experience in this field, so this will be a fun one! And of course, I will put a video out regardless if it was a success or not lol.
  • A coffee table for C$25 from the Bombay company in the same location above. My husband actually loves this item! I might change the color because it has a reddish finish to it and it wont go to my color schemes. I do plan on putting this in between the vintage chairs that I had mentioned above, so exciting! My plan is to do a transfer technique using products from Prima. Another first and an exciting one to do.
  • The black chest with one missing handle for C$5.50. I might do a mixed media altered box or make it simple and use the transfer technique. Either way, I know that the result will be a great unique decor piece for our home (or I may sell it! wink, wink).

From the Salvation Army stores are:

  • The solid chair for C$9.99. My husband’s most favorite thrifted item. May I remind you that he despise shopping let alone thrifting, but he is starting to realize that to get more bang for your buck is to go thrifting. Or as he calls it ‘extreme antiquing’, lol. I might end up using this as a dining chair, but I have not finalized my thoughts on this item yet.
  • The birdcage for $4.99. I just got this as a background prop to my photos in the future. As of now, I have been using our faux fur blanket or sofa as a backdrop lol. I’m getting there, one thrift at a time.
  • The Kulort brand from Ikea for C$1.99 each. I was excited seeing these items because I know that I could use them in my mixed media project. One of them contains pebbles and the other sand. As a few of the many mixed media texture ideas
  • The vintage style jewelry box for C$6.00. My plan is to repaint and use an image transferring technique and refinish the metal hardwares and the inside of this box.
  • The cutlery box for C$5.00. This item will be transformed into a jewelry box.
  • Vintage style looking frame for a dollar. Another altered frame for sure with or without the back panel.
  • Embossed stickers for C$.70 a bag. A cheaper way to achieve whimsical textures in my mixed media project.
  • Textured tape for a dollar. Another texture giving item to my mixed media project.
  • Metallic teal with round shape sheets for a dollar. Background texture again.
  • 2 vintage looking teaspoons for C$.25 each. Unique detail giving item on my mixed media projects.
  • Christmas ornament bag for C$1.00. Monochrome mixed media item here she comes!

From Value Village:

  • Musical sheet books C$1.99 each. Another way to create an interest to your scrapbooking or mixed media project. The Beginner’s Guide to Making Mixed Media Art is a great resource for a person that is in the verge of making their own mixed media art.
  • The bag of cream colored flowers for C$1.99. The color is a perfect blank canvas that I can paint to whichever color I choose to go with my mixed media color scheme.
  • Decorative box for C$4.99. A potential backdrop prop for my photos or a great gift box.
  • Vintage wall art of the lady in a bathtub for C$6.99. My husband wanted to have this for our guest bathroom.

From the MCC Thrift Store:

  • Serving tray for $C 2.00. Again another altered canvas by turning it into a shadow box using mixed media technique or the image transfer from Prima marketing.
  • Another wooden box for C$.50. The same idea as what I have mentioned above.
  • Small chest box for C$2.00. Another altered art box project for sure!

There you have it! I am so excited to do this series and to see the outcome of every project!


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