Red, black and white 12 x 12 mixed media art canvas

Black gesso, black gemco acrylic gesso, Tuscan red Deco art acrylic paint, IOD mould prima marketing, vintage keys, swirly butterfly on a canvas, white flowers on a canvas, crystal acrylic gems on a canvas, steampunk stencil, mixed media liquitex modeling paste, mixed media art supply
Click the image to see the video art process of this project.

This mixed media project is a result of me being unimaginative. Yes, there are times wherein a creator gets a brain fart in coming up with ideas. Well this probably only happens to me because I can’t speak for every creative person out there.

Honestly, my inspiration for this color pallet came into mind while I was watching Jaclyn Hill’s My Halloween Party | Get Ready With Me where her esthetic were fire and red in theme.

The art process was a little bit difficult to compose because I wanted to use black as my background as opposed to the usual white. In other words, it got all over the place. I have incorporated the white gesso and Tuscan red acrylic paint pouring at the end because I was curious on how the paints will behave. Plus I wanted to try pouring acrylics from watching resin artists lol!

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For the materials used (I didn’t buy anything new everything is from my leftover stash from previous projects) and other suggestions, please refer to my list below:


  • 12 x 12 canvas panel from an old project that I had to rip all off the embellishments.


  • Black Demco Gesso 1000mL C$20.49 from Deserres
  • Alternative Gesso for S9.00*

Prima – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black – 8.5 Ounces


    • E6000® PERMANENT CRAFT ADHESIVE, 2.0 OZ. at MichaelsChoose the transparent one. Warning: this is an industrial type of adhesive and has a strong odor. I would not totally recommend this one unless a gel medium is not working for you.

  • Heavy gel mediums are great for adhering 3D embellishments such as flowers, die cuts, chipboards and some metallic ones.
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue 16oz at Walmart for CA$ 8.97. I think this doesn’t dry as clear as I want but it’s a great alternative to gel mediums. You just have to experiment on the durability when using with heavier embellishments.




  • Alternative Gears and Cogs Stencil for $6.00

The Crafter’s Workshop – 6 x 6 Doodling Templates – Mini Gears

SECOND LAYERING: Focal Point – also involves layering of embellishments or different media

THIRD LAYERING: Acrylic paint pouring

  • Artist’s Loft® White Gesso 16oz $9.99 at Michaels. My primer for the canvas.
  • Prima – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White – 8.5 Ounces $US 9.00 or less.
    • DecoArt Tuscan Red from the Dollar Store

  • Metallic Acrylic Paint

Finishing layer

    • Heavy Gloss Gel medium. Bought this tub at Micheals but here’s a link to Amazon for pricing. If you wanted a glossy look, this is a great option.

  • The Finnabair art basics is a great product and a bit cheaper than my Liquitex
*Affiliate link from - should you purchase the product using my link, I might be receiving a small commission based on your purchase. My links will never affect the prices of the products. What I earn will be allocated to improving my content and buying better equipment for better video quality.

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