Sculpting a letter from a dollar store modelling clay without using professional sculpting tools- A first try DIY craft

YouTube link on how I did it 🙂

This project has been a trial on my improvising skills (lol). The craft isn’t perfect but I did it!

Here is a list of items that I have used for this project:

Dollarama modelling clay

Dollar store vase

Dollar store candle holder

Dollarama Acrylic Paint

Acrylic gems


Dollarama Wooden alphabet letters

Spray painted Dollarama green moss

E6000 transparent glue from Micheal’s

First thing that you have to do is to find a guide to trace out from. If you have watched my vid, I had a vintage letter C printed out as my guide. Make sure that it’s the right size for your canvas.

Start by rolling thin pieces of clay and line them on the edge of the letter. I have found that it was easier to start at the edges then fill out the space in the center of the letter.

Once the edges are done, start filling the centre of the letter. After the first layer of clay is placed, put a second layer of clay that is focused more at the centre of the letter.

Smooth out the second layer and define the edges using the safety pin. Depending on your preference on how the sculpture looks at this point, you can apply your ModPodge and dry.

Paint the letter with the colour of your choice, dry, flip and repeat. Make sure that you don’t completely dry the clay. Use E6000 glue or any heavy duty adhesive to stick your sculpture on the vase.

Carefully place the letter on the vase. Because the vase curved, the letter has to bend a little bit that’s why you have to do this while the clay is drying. Trust me; I have learned this after my sculpture cracked after letting the glue cure for 24hrs.

I have also learned that when you are dealing with more delicate pieces of clay, they dry up faster therefore harder to manipulate. When I made the vines to cover up the crack on my letter, the tiny pieces have been broken apart as well. But I still manage to use them in this project.

Trial and error was the main technique on this project to be honest. Having a transparent background makes it more finicky for achieving a clean look. You can’t cover every mess that you have or the mess that you made won’t be as attractive compared to a regular mixed media art.

As I have already explained on my vid, I highly suggest that you come up with a concrete design before tackling and manipulating your modelling clay.

Embellishments are the easier part. But like I said, be careful on putting excessive glue on the vase as it will show on areas that you don’t want them. There are no special techniques on putting embellishments, just go as far as your heart leads you to.

There you have it! May this craft inspire you to make your own DIY unique gift idea. As for this gift, here is my description of her:


This co-worker of mine, although a bit shy, is a very strong and mature person. One of the big sisters that I have at work. So for her, I dedicate this craft.


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