Repurposing an old candle holder to a jewelry holder – a unique DIY gift

Every craftwork has story behind them. In this one, I can summarize it to this:


I have a co-worker who is shorter than me celebrate her 50th birthday last May 18, 2018. Let me tell you! She always wear a red lipstick to work and she loooooooooooves jewelries. She is blunt and fearless. If she needs to tell you to that you are doing something wrong, yep, she is that person lol!

We call her “the general” or “my boss” and she hates lazy people. But we love her and always have a great time when we work together. So, this project is my ultimate interpretation of her.

Let’s get into the project materials list shall we?

Old candle holder (this was orinigally black and forgot to take a picture before painting it)
Dollarama Modelling Clay
Rustoleum Metallic Specialty Spray paint
Dollarama decorative filler jewels
Dollar store DecoArt acrylic paint (Christmas Red)
Acrylic gems
Dollarama Wooden Alphabet Letters
ModPodge from the Dollar store

Have you noticed from my last posts that you can do a lot from the items in the dollar store? It takes trial and error to make an artwork and if it doesn’t work then try again on a different approach.

Since this is the first time that I am using modelling clay and do a sculpture, this project is called a hands-on learning, literally! When I was sculpting, I found out that you need a tool to carve out the shapes that you want, which I don’t have. Therefore, I have to improvise and used a huge safety pin from Dollarama.

If you have watched my YouTube vid, you would see that I was carefully carving the details on my fire sculpture, which turned out looking like molten lava (lol).

I was also unsure how strong the clay will be when it dries out. Therefore, I tried to put the Modpodge on while the clay is still moist. Dried it with my hair dryer and it turned out okay.

So, I continued on building my sculpture. Once I was done with an area, I will apply the modpodge, dry and on to the next one. It seems to work out just fine. Now, the next part of this craft was the paint job. To make the “fire” colors, I used a gold-yellowish metallic color, orange and red acrylic paints.

The main part of the job with painting is blending. This part requires a lot of patience, stiffed neck and wrist action. In which case, I was taking some break every now and again because I am not productive when pain strikes.

The rod part of the candle holder was also filled with the clay sculpture. My additional idea also was to add the embellishments and push them into the clay before it completely dries.

The initial clay that was attached to the actual metal of the candle holder was joined by E6000 transparent glue. I am also unsure if this is necessary, but I used it anyway.

Overall, my conclusion to this project will be to do your research on something that you haven’t done yet before trying it on an actual project. I was careful and successful on the outcome of this project.

On the bright side:
You can do whatever your mind directs you. You have complete control of your feelings and decide to be creative and productive instead. 



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