A letter sized (8.5 x 11 in) DIY get well soon card

Be a blessing to someone..

Would it be nice to be treated by someone when you least expected it? That was the main inspiration of this project today.


watch how I did this project on my youtube channel


I have two co-workers that are siblings who were going through a family challenge. Their father was sick and so one of them had to go home, Philippines. We know how costly it is to buy the tickets and also support with the medical bills, so the rest of us made voluntary contributions to help the sisters.

The sisters are probably the few people I know at work that are very kind, helpful and simple. They are blessed and they came through this tough situation and now their father has been discharged from the hospital several days ago, thank you Lord!

I would like to strongly share this experience/project to point out that your talents can be useful to make someone’s day! People will always remember you by how you made them feel. Especially in today’s society, majority of the people are so focused on “I”.


For the materials used in this project (the materials were entirely purchased from my pocket and is not sponsored)

1.) Cardstock (these are left overs from my previous crafts)img_4495



2.) embellishments (hover over each photo to see caption)


To make this card, I have used two plain white cardstocks that you can buy at Staples. The size of these two cardstocks are 8.5 x 11 inches that were attached together using a decorative tape.

Now, I know that if I will use my metal embellishments and other heavier items, the card itself has to be sturdier. So, I have used 4 white cardstocks, 2 stacked onto each other and sticked together using double sided tapes. I have added the striped cardstock on the front of my card then finally a printed statement on another white cardstock.

So in total the front part of my card has 4 cardstocks in total plus the tinier cutouts that I made in order to make my textures when making your background.

One thing I have learned when combining paper products with heavier embellishments is to use a heavy duty glue, in my case E6000 clear glue, to adhere everything. From paper to your embellishments.

After choosing little cardstock cutouts and adhering them to my card, is the time to really plan the rest of the designs. If you have seen my youtube vid, the stencilling and stamping were unnecessary because they were covered by the rest of the embellishments anyway.

My main goal for embellishing was to use my unused pair of earrings. The rest of the designs were done on however I see fit.

Since this is a get-well soon card, I chose brighter and warmer colors to paint my project with. Of course the colors of the acrylic gems have to be cohesive with my theme.

This is a heavier card and the size is also unusual, so if you wonder if this was sent by mail, it wasn’t. I think it is doable but it will be wiser to ask your local post office if you plan on sending a unique card such as this one.

So, what do you guys think? Please leave your comments down below. Thanks and have a great day!


Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”



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