Simple DIY: upcycling a poinsettia pot

Here is another upcycling project for plant pots that need a little bit of décor.

In this project I am using an old poinsettia pot.

Since I did not want the old color of the pot, I am covering it by using a black spray paint as a primer. Don’t feel that the spray paint is necessary because I am using what I have on hand, and I encourage you to do the same. An alternative to the spray paint is a gesso.

The next part is an experimentation of making your own embellishments with the use of natural clay and Prima IOD moulds. The problem I find in my previous attempts is that clay sticks on the mould in its damp state; therefore, I am looking for a way to prevent this.

Previous suggestion is the use of corn starch to lessen the clay’s stickiness, but this does not work for me. It is important for me to be able to work on my moulded clay while it’s still soft. This will enable the clay to follow the shape of the pot.

So, I am using cooking oil because of its slick property, and it works! It is easier to take the clay off the mold because of the oil. I believe that this is the way to go for this type of project. Using a strong adhesive, like the gorilla glue, will ensure the durability of the newly-made embellishment. Also, leave this overnight to ensure that the glue is fully dry.

Natural clay tends to shrink once it dries. So, please bear this in mind. My next step is to apply a white gesso to prime the pot. My white gesso’s finish is more on the satin side so I am applying two more extra coats drying in between application.

For color scheme, I want pinks, reds and gold. As usual, I am using a dry cosmetic sponge on most of the paint jobs and a brush to reach the spots that the sponge misses.

 Using a liquid crackle medium will give me the distressed look that I want on my projects. After this medium dries, I am applying a white acrylic paint. Once this paint dries, the crackles will start to show.

As final touches, I am applying the pink metallic acrylic paint with a clean and dry cosmetic sponge on several areas of the pot. The gold metallic wax is unnecessary, so you can skip this part.

To seal everything off, I am using a matte gel medium. This gel medium does not have a transparent finish, although, it is perfect for projects with lighter color schemes such as this one.

  • Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel Medium – for some reason, it seems that Michaels do not have it in their website any longer, so here is an alternative link from amazon:

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