mixed media art process with the theme color palette #3846

My husband tells me that this project is not my usual style and calls it the work of an amateur. I do agree because I am currently traversing other palettes with vibrant or bold colours.

Thanks to Color Palettes (check their website: http://bit.ly/2KN5lJJ), colour combinations are more manageable to do. More importantly, the colours in this palette are feasible in my acrylic paint collection. If you are inquisitive, this is my paint set:

Acrylic Paint Value Pack By Craft Smart™ at Michaels: http://bit.ly/2NmjmzL

I am starting the art process by upcycling the cardboard part of my scrapbooking kit. The canvas’ dimensions are 12 x 12 inches.

Priming the canvas with a gesso of your preference, especially on a paper surface like what I’m using, is essential. The gesso can act as a barrier to substances with water contents such as paints and other liquid mediums.

I am choosing to use my black gesso for its opacity. If my white gesso’s opacity is the same as the black one, then it is perfect as the first gesso for this canvas.

Using two coats of gesso increases the chance of protecting the delicate nature of the canvas from adhesives and other liquid mediums.

Starting with the darkest colour from the palette, I am using the navy blue as the base colour of this canvas. This color is my version to #041b2d of the color palette.

The downside to this brand of acrylic paint is that a few colours are satin in finish than the others. That is why you will see me applying this colour three times.

I am also applying my acrylic paints with the use of a dry or wet cosmetic sponge. The sponge gives me more control over the finish of the paint. It also prevents brush strokes from being more prominent on my canvas.

Basing on my original plan for this project, a blue to a black background is what I wanted. In reality, it is harder to achieve this ombre effect. It is worth trying tho.

To give the background more texture, I am using my new favourite stencil, cosmetic sponge, acrylic paint and texture paste to do a stencil design.

Pink Blast is the version of the colour palettes’ #ff9cda. Adding the patina paste is my way of adding more interest to the stencil design. As soon as I remove the stencil, the dark blue and pink colours give the contrast each colour needs. They are both stunning!

Now that I am doing the blog for this project, I realize that this background could use more subtle details.

For embellishments, I am using greeneries from the dollar store. These green things are tricky to adhere to the canvas, so I give the glue the time it needs to adhere to the embellishments and the background.

Before starting this project, I made embellishments using my IOD moulds and hot glue sticks. Each of them gets a coat of primer using white gesso.

These embellishments are painted using the Craft Smart Burgundy acrylic paint: http://bit.ly/2KxbQ4B. This colour darker than #ea4492 of the colour palette.

Adding more texture to these embellishments, I am combining a brown texture paste into the mix.

  • *Prima – Finnabair – Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Patina Paste – Junkyard Treasures: http://shrsl.com/1oz4h Burnt Sienna

I highly suggest that you keep the negatives of your chipboards because they are also embellishments waiting for you to use. Keeping these chipboards is one trick that I see from my favourite mixed media artists on YouTube.

I am throwing a different hue of blue into this project, so I am using the Blue Patina Effect Past to colour this chipboard.

  • Prima – Finnabair – Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Patina Paste – Junkyard Treasures: http://shrsl.com/1oz4h

The other blue in the color palette #1c5472 to me looks greyish-blue, therefore, I am using Bright Blue Craftsmart acrylic paint for the buttefly embellishments.

The layout that I am creating takes a cross shape and places in the middle of the canvas. I want every bit of the details of the embellishments that I’m using to peek through.

The stuff that I’m using from the dollar store are the greeneries that serve as the #2f631e colour from the palette. I am also painting some of the IOD mould embellishment with green acrylic paint.

I hope you find inspiration on my art process. Thank you for visiting my blog.

*Affiliate link from Scrapbook.com – should you purchase the product using my link, I might be receiving a small commission based on your purchase. My links will never affect the prices of the products. What I earn will be allocated to improving my content and buying better equipment for better video quality.


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