DIY GIANT Dreamcatcher

A dream is a wish, your heart makes..

Yes, I’m back again with my DIY project. The past weeks had been busy, but I did a few projects aside from my wedding crafts.

For this DIY project, it was a birthday project for a close co-worker of mine. Her fave colour is turquoise.

Although, there might be a few variations of turquoise, I played the colors that closely resemble the color.

To start of, I have enlisted below the main things that I have used in this project. The stuff were bought June 2017, so the prices listed are of the current time this blog is posted. 

A.) Hula hoope from the dollar store: CA $2

From Michael’s

B.) Bernat Handricrafter Chunky yarn (12oz / 340g): CA $11.99

C.) Creatology Feathers: CA $4.99

D.) Craftsmart Satin Acrylic Paint in Turquoise: CA $1.19

E.) 5in CurlQ Letter: CA $4.99

G.) Creatology Pony beads 580 pcs: CA $6.99

From Canadian Tire

F.) Jute heavy duty (200in or 61m): CA $1.99 ea

I apologize for the misalphabeltized letters! All prices don’t include the tax.

So, to start I altered the letter M. Secondly, I wrapped a 9in diameter wire with the jute. 

Placed the letter M into the circle that looked like this.

This is the frontpart.

This is the back part.

Then moving over to the hula hoop that is around 28inch in diamater. I had to re-do the design on the hoop. 

This turned out better than my first design.

And finally, to finish off the dream catcher, my favorite part, bling-ering it!

I love how the jute has a little curl, it’s the first time that I’ve used it and im liking it!

All the laces I used were some left overs from the things I bought from Fabricland when they are on sale.

I’ve also glued embellishments on one of the laces and it gave more beauty to the lace.

One thing that I’d like to change in the future dream catcher project will be the type of hoope/ring. The plastic hula hoope did not retain it’s shape which was not a big deal.

This is the second dream catcher that I’ve made. I would say, it took me 12 hours to finish everything, including the re-do of the design that I had mentioned earlier.

Here’s the  picture of the birthday party of me (in black) and Mia with the dreamcatcher! Her party theme was bohemian style. Let me tell ya, it was a great and fun party!

The first one was a farewell gift to a close and sweet co-worker of mine. We need to bring something that describes her and that’s why I came up with a dream catcher.

Knowing her, Larrei, she really reached for her dreams and “catch” them.

Her favorite colors were red and green.


And this is the short clip of me giving the dream catcher to Larrei!

The box beside Larrei was also a DIY cardboard box that we used to write down our messages for her and storage of our farewell gifts.

I love these projects, they did test my creativity, patience and endurance.

“You’ve got to RUN for your dreams, for it is OUT THERE waiting for you with your name on it. Nobody can take your dreams away from you.”

2 Replies to “DIY GIANT Dreamcatcher”

  1. I didn’t know you have a blog…Very interesting read and I like that you included the price too as a reference…


    1. Yes I do! I love to share my crafts. That’s what I look for most of the time in blogs, the prices and time spent to finish them.


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