Taking inspiration from a digital art print

Is it possible to take inspiration from the layout of a digital art and make it into a mixed media canvas? What I mean is, turning the elements of a digital art into a physical art – figuratively.

I have wanted to do this for a while now since I finished my first letter art print collection for fall this year. Here is a sample image of my inspiration:

The color schemes used in this collection were the hues of teal, purple and magenta. Obviously, I’ve also used black and white to finished the entire look. As always, the elements included in this digital art print were inspired by vintage, feminine and modern themes.

I have to be honest, this mixed media art project did not follow the digital layout to the tea; however, there were similarities in the art process. Through the years of doing mixed media, I’ve found out that I love vintage-looking embellishments, and that was how this first collection got the inspiration from.

The art process and materials:

Priming: I have always used my white gesso from Artist loft for all my projects. This gesso did not have the most opaque color payoff so you would see me using white acrylic paint in order to cancel the color of the blue sand that I have used on the canvas.

Starting with a white (or black) base color enhances the finish of the acrylic colors.

Layering textures: I have been using a "create-your-own-background" on my projects. The background was created using texture pastes, stencil and sand as the base.

The frame chipboard was the next embellishment that I have used. Just as the same as the vintage element in my art print, this was the next phase in how I have constructed my collection.

Followed by the key wooden and metal embellishment and the resin frame.

2nd layers were metal embellishments:

Sticker elements:

More chipboards that were primed using white gesso:

Final embellishments from the dollar store:

  • Clear vase filler from the dollar store
  • Purple acrylic gem from the dollar store

Colors: Inspired by my art print, I have used hues of teal, purple and pink. You would see in the video that I have used a lot of water to disperse the acrylic paint. This technique was commonly used by the artists that I have been watching.

Using water blends different acrylic colors together seamlessly.

Using the first 2 acrylic paints were the base colors of my canvas.

Having a cracked appearance was one of the textures that I have been using on my canvas.

The way this liquid crackle medium requires it to be applied first and then dry. Apply a preferred acrylic color (in my case white) on top and then dry. The crackles will show up as the top acrylic color dries up.

You might be wondering what was the point of doing this? Well even though I have used the vibrant acrylic colors, I toned it down by using the white acrylic paints. As the white color dried up and as the crackle showed up, the Ocean Breeze and Royal blue colors were revealed through the cracks.

Another way that I have started coloring was by using Finnabair Patina Effect paste and spraying it with water.

  • Prima – Finnabair – Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Patina Paste – Anemone and Coral*: http://shrsl.com/1oz5z
  • Prima – Finnabair – Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Patina Paste – Northern Lights*: http://shrsl.com/1oz6d
*Affiliate link from Scrapbook.com - should you purchase the product using my link, I might be receiving a small commission based on your purchase. My links will never affect the prices of the products. What I earn will be allocated to improving my content and buying better equipment for better video quality.

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