Blue and white altered wine bottle

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Altering or upcycling wine bottles is one of the best ways that you can do as a project when you are looking a unique home decor. I know, mixed media can be a little intimidating, and that is what it felt like when I did my first project.

Like I have mentioned in this art process video, this is my second time of making am upcycled wine project. The challenging part about doing mixed media on surfaces of wine bottles is that embellishments do tend to slide when the adhesive is wet. So, it takes longer to do this project because the adhesive needs to dry further before layering more embellishments.

In this art process, I am also showing how to make embellishments using Prima IOD Moulds and hot glue sticks. I learned this from watching Prima’s live tutorials in their Facebook Page when Riika demonstrated the technique to their viewers.


from Deserres

from Michael’s

artists loft® white gesso 16 oz from michaels canada, mixed media project white primer, can be used on a variety of porous surfaces, including canvas, wood, panels or paper
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A helpful video on how to use the moulds from Prima Marketing:

from the thrift store

  • Blue sand
  • Christmas decor

from AliExpress

where to buy vintage wooden embellishment for mixed media art, embellishments from aliexpress, vintage swirly embellishments

from the dollar store

  • DecoArt White Acrylic Paint
  • Blue acrylic gems


  1. Prima – Finnabair – Art Basics – Heavy Body Gel – 8.5 Ounces:

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