Pink, old gold and white mixed media art 12 x 12 in canvas tutorial

Pink, grecian gold and white 12 x 12 mixed media art

I am back again with a mixed media canvas which got a little bit of an inspiration from following the Miss Philippines 2019 beauty pageant these past weeks. The winner, Gazini Ganados, wore an evening gown with a magenta or fuchsia pink color.

If you are curious to see Gazini’s gown, here is a quick glance of her winning night. (courtesy of Pinay Beauties Channel) Congrats Gazini on your win!

The color is so stunning that it inspired me to go full on pink when I started doing my background. However, the color is overwhelming that I needed to mute the colors to a softer white and pink background.

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from Michael’s


  • The Crafter’s Workshop Grecian Gold- Modeling Paste – Mini – Warm Metallic Assortment:

from AliExpress

from the dollar store

  • flower stickers
  • green moss
  • vase fillers
  • pink and red flowers

from Dusty Attic

from the thrift store

  • dry wall tape
  • artificial straw


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