What to do with poinsettia pots?

Happy Holidays everyone! Now that we are celebrating this special event and all of the decorations are up that some of us have bought poinsettias to be more festive.

But when the poinsettias are gone and all that is left are the pots, what do we do with them? Well, I have recently receive a challenge with these two empty pots.

If you have followed and read my blogs, this project is a continuation for my C$3.99 Thrifted vase turned into gold  project.

As with all of my blogs, a corresponding YouTube video will be provided because sometimes it is easier to describe them in action.

White upcycled pot


  • An empty poinsettia pot


  • Your choice of color – in my case I have chosen white because I had to stay on a simple theme rather than an elegant style. Client’s orders 😛
  • White spray paint from Canadian tire


  • Modelling Clay from Dollarama for C$2.00 per pack
  • Artificial flowers and leaves (mostly from the dollar store, online shops and the thrift store.
  • Unused bracelets or accessories
  • Cardboard box – I have been using this technique to add more dimension and greatly emphasize a focal point.
  • Prima IOD moulds – my favorite go-to and investment tool for doing any mixed media project.


  • E6000 Transparent glue – I had to used this because of the variation of the elements that I am putting together in this project.

Here is the finished look of the two poinsettia pots (image taken by Clynis Creations all rights reserved) :

That is all folks! There will be another upcycling tutorial with an old poinsettia pot for my next tutorial.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog or watch my YouTube tutorial. Comment down below if you have any questions or would like to say hi.

*Affiliate link from Scrapbook.com - should you purchase the product using my link, I might be receiving a small commission based on your purchase. My links will never affect the prices of the products. What I earn will be allocated to improving my content and buying better equipment for better video quality.

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