C$3.99 Thrifted vase turned into gold

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Do you love gold house decors? I think about this as an Anthropologie-inspired decor. What do you think? This project was dedicated to a special place in my heart who inspires me everyday. In addition to the handmade vase, I have also thrifted the flowers from Value Village and made the arrangements myself. The flower arrangement theme was more purples and less pink.

The glue and paint drying time took longer than the the designing part of this project. The cold weather has an influence on the time that the paint dries.
Designing time and embellishment assembly for the vase: 2hrs
Drying time: 3 days in total for 3 coats of the spray paint plus the sealer
Flower arrangement time: 1hr

Here is the supply list for this project:


  • thrifted vase or any vase that you can use


I went straight to sticking my embellishments on because I figured that it will be a waste of paint if I have primed my canvas.

  • DIY clay embellishments made from using a dollar store modelling paste and the Prima marketing IOD moulds:
  • Paper clay will be preferred because they can harden as they dry, unlike the dollar store modelling clay.
  • Artificial flowers and leaves – Some of the items that I have used were from the dollar stores

Adhering agent

Spray paint

That is all folks! There will be another upcycling tutorial with an old poinsettia pot for my next tutorial.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog or watch my YouTube tutorial. Comment down below if you have any questions or would like to say hi.

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