Gray monochromatic mixed media wall art

YouTube Tutorial in this link

This old wall art that I  have altered for this project has been sitting in my canvas pile for a long time! Thanks to Maremi small art’s YouTube tutorial I have the inspiration to create this snow inspired artwork!

Marta Lapkowska is one of the few mixed media artists that I have been following for a while. The very first artist that I got my inspiration from was Gabrielle Pollacco. You could say that I had binged watched most of her YouTube videos about 5 years ago. It’s crazy what these women can create and I have to be honest, I am not up to par with them lol.

For the materials used (I didn’t buy anything new everything is from my leftover stash from previous projects) and other suggestions, please refer to my list below:


  • Any unused wall art (reuse them things! help save the environment)


    • Artist’s Loft® White Gesso 16oz $9.99 at Michaels. My primer for the canvas.
  • Primer Spray paint dedicated to the type of canvas that you may have. If you don’t want the hassle of painting your canvas with Gesso.
  • Prima – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White – 8.5 Ounces $US 9.00 or less.

I haven’t tried this personally but again, I have seen my favorite mixed media artists use it. Heavy gesso is thicker and you most likely will only need one coat to prime your canvas.

More in depth information about the brand at Ana Dabrowska’s (Finnabair) Art Files: All About Art Basics – Gesso: White, Black, Clear YouTube Video.


FIRST LAYER: Cardstock

I have decided to use these cardstocks as my first layer to get the color inspiration that I wanted to achieve for this project. I could not find the actual dragonfly cardstock that I have used so I am providing you with a different option.

The use of cardstock is optional. You can also make your own base background, just like what I did with a recent altered box mixed media project. Use your creativity and imagination.

SECOND LAYER: TEXTURE LAYER using Stencils and a texture paste

    • FINNABAIR® STAMPS AND STENCIL, POSTALE SET CA$19.99 (on sale for CA$6.00) from Michael’s link here.
  • A better option for this project would have been this stencil. But because I am working with what I have, the Postale stencil is also great for this project.

THIRD LAYER: ACRYLIC PAINT LAYER – this color will tie all the layers together

    • Vanilla Acrylic Paint from CRAFT SMART™ ACRYLIC PAINT VALUE SET at Michaels. I believe this set was less than CA$15.00 when I got this on sale.

  • Another option for this layer is a silver metallique acrylic paint. But I chose a creamy white instead because I was unsure of how dark I would want to go.


    • E6000® PERMANENT CRAFT ADHESIVE, 2.0 OZ. at MichaelsChoose the transparent one. Warning: this is an industrial type of adhesive and has a strong odor. I would not totally recommend this one unless a gel medium is not working for you.

  • Heavy gel mediums are great for adhering 3D embellishments such as flowers, die cuts, chipboards and some metallic ones.
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue 16oz at Walmart for CA$ 8.97. I think this doesn’t dry as clear as I want but it’s a great alternative to gel mediums. You just have to experiment on the durability when using with heavier embellishments.

Focal Point – also involves layering of embellishments or different media

This is a bit tricky to explain. But to put it simply, the more complicated you want your artwork to look like, the more layers you may need. But do not overlayer your embellishments because there is a tendency that they may not hold together in the long run.

My approach was, I need my focal point to be the highest point of this art piece. Another benefit to this is that I can stick more embellishments underneath its layer if I wanted to.

  • Dollar store clear gems
  • Dollar store decor fillers
  • Crushed glass from Ikea
  • Dollar store acrylic gems


Prima – Finnabair – Art Extravagance – Stone Effect Pastes – Pumice, Limestone, Concrete

Finishing layer

    • Heavy Gloss Gel medium. Bought this tub at Micheals but here’s a link to Amazon for pricing. If you wanted a glossy look, this is a great option.
  • The Finnabair art basics is a great product and a bit cheaper than my Liquitex
*Affiliate link from - should you purchase the product using my link, I might be receiving a small commission based on your purchase. My links will never affect the prices of the products. What I earn will be allocated to improving my content and buying better equipment for better video quality.

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