Easy DIY mixed media tags (for beginners) or fridge magnets

This DIY will also serve as our wedding thank you notes! ✨

YouTube tutorial here

Long time no post eh? I know after the wedding I was adamant to finish another crazy bulk project: making 100 mixed media tags. There are no special stories behind this, but I wanted to push my capabilities in making projects again.

If it’s your preference to go overboard with your project, you are welcome to. I would if I only had to make a few lol!

Here are the materials for making these simple mixed media tags:

1.) CRAFT SMITH® TAGS, LOOKING GOOD was on sale for C$12.00

3" x 4.75" tags with gold foil accents, Hot buy, Craftsmith 60 pc tags, 7.62cm x 12.06cm tags, feminine and floral themed tags, pink tags, violet tags, summer gift tags
60 pcs tags on sale at Micheals.ca for C$12.00. I have used this for my mixed media project to make our wedding thank you notes.

2.) Modeling Paste also from Micheals but here is the Amazon pricing

Liquitex Professional Flexible Modeling Paste, Gel Medium 473mL, available in Michaels for C$35 (2018 pricing), Mixed Media gel medium, craft store gel medium, modeling paste for adding texture
473mL Liquitex Modeling Paste from Micheals for C$34 or C$35. It is a Gel Medium Perfect for adding textures on your mixed media projects or canvas.


Plaid Folkart, 1 Laser Stencil 6 x 6 in Painting Stencil Follkart, 15.24 cm x 15.24cm floral painting stencil, reusable stencil for mixed media art
Painting Stencils can also be used with a gel medium/modeling paste to add more details to a mixed media project. I believe it was around C$6 or less (2018 pricing).

4.) Spatulas or unused membership plastic cards to lay the modeling paste/gel medium on top of the stencil.

5.) Acrylic paint color of your choice. A variety of metallic paints are more available at Michaels for less than C$3. More ordinary acrylics are available at the dollar stores.

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Metallic Acrylic Paint Purple Pearl 2fl. oz. 59mL, Dollar store acrylic paint, Michaels acrylic paint
Metallic purple acrylic paint for mixed media crafts at Micheals. DecoArt is a more accessible brand for beginners in mixed media art because they are also available at the dollar stores.
Peacock Blue African Violet DecoArt Crafter's Acrylic Paint 4fl. oz. 118mL from the Dollar Store, Royal Blue Regal Purple craft smart acrylic paint 2 fl. oz. 59mL from Micheals, Regal purple and Royal blue were our wedding theme colors
Peacock Blue and African Violet Acrylic Paints from DecoArt that I bought from the Dollar Store. Craft smart Royal blue and Regal purple acrylic paints were bought from Micheals for less than C$2, I believe (2018 pricing)

6.) Vintage gold paint from Micheals

Vintage Gold Craftsmart Multisurface Premium Ultra bright Metallic paint 2 fl. oz 59 mL, vintage gold paint with warm undertone for vintage or steampunk inspired mixed media projects
A true vintage metallic gold paint for vintage or steampunk inspired crafts or mixed media art. It was less than C$5 I believe.

7.)Sizzix 661184 Ellison Gearhead Thinlits Die Set by Tim Holtz (22 Pack) C$20.60 in Amazon

Sizzix 661184 Ellison Gearhead Thinlits Die Set by Tim Holtz (22 Pack), TimHoltz alterations thinlits steampunk inspired die set for sizzix
Steampunk-inspired dies from Sizzix. I have used this a lot to make our wedding invitations and centerpieces. The embellishments of our wedding centerpieces were also the die cuts from this set.

8.)LIQUITEX GLOSS SUPER HEAVY GEL 473 ML which can also be used as a Tacky Glue to adhere my die cut. In the later tags that I have made, I also used this as a finishing coat over the acrylic paints. It gives a glossy/ high shine finish and gives more life to the colors of the project.

LIQUITEX GLOSS SUPER HEAVY GEL 473 ML, gel medium for adhering heavier embellishments, transparent gloss gel medium
A gel medium that is suitable for dimensional or texture projects. It can serve as a more permanent glue for heavier embellishments instead of using a hot glue gun.

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