A modified message in a bottle DIY


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This blog and project is dedicated to this friend of mine. My prayers that her and her family will get the courage they need from Our Creator and for the people that surround her to also be a source of strength when she needs it.
I would like to emphasize that this project was made so my skills are used towards making others feel better, hoping that it will create a tiny impact in their lives – a positive one. May the people reading this blog gather inspiration to do something good to others without expecting to get anything in return.
It’s the best experience ever. Trust me.


Another upcycled and simple DIY that I made to be used as a storage for encouraging messages to a friend of mine. Recently, she lost her grandmother. They were close and she regarded her grandma like a mother and was very heartbroken when she passed away.

This moment is one of the hardest things that we can go through our entire life. The pain and suffering of losing someone can only fade slowly as time goes by. A bleeding heart can only be eased by tears. And for the people that surrounds this person can only comfort you by presence, words and prayers.

The courage to live everyday without the person that is close to you is a struggle. But, we find light to every encouragement that we give ourselves and those that come from people that care about us. Thus, this project was made.

My friend is one of the most thoughtful, simple and caring person that I have met. She devotes herself to living a Christian life. So, the inspiration of writing down scriptures of encouragement plus our personal message to her will serve as our messages in this bottle.

I have chosen an image of the vintage bicycle as a symbol of the way we learned to ride our bikes when we were little. We had training wheels or had our parents/family members holding our bikes for us until we know our own strength and were able to be stable and ride freely on our own.

Much like when we lose someone important in our lives, we are unsure if we could ride the everyday life by ourselves. More than ever, we need the support of people that care for us during this stage of our lives. Until we pick ourselves up and regain our strength, we will need those training wheels.

I would like to share this DIY to people who are looking for a unique way of sending their words of encouragement to someone in need. Here is my youtube vid on this project.

The materials are as follows (this blog is not sponsored by anything used in this project)

1.) Empty bottle to recycle.


Artminds shapes from Micheals at CA$ 2.99 a pack of 6 pcs.


TRUE STORY 12″ X 12″ PAPER PAD BY RECOLLECTIONS® from Micheals on sale for CA$12.00


Craftsmart Bronze Metallic paint I think this was less than CA$5 at Micheals


Laser-Cut Scroll Borders By ArtMinds™ about CA$2.62 at Michaels


Folkart Stencil birds stencil CA$4.99


Craftsmart Royal Blue and Regal Purple from Michaels for CA$1.99 (I think)  and DecoArt Crafters Acrylic Peacock Blue and African Violet from the Dollar Store


Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel from Micheals for CA$ 35.99 16 oz.



Glitter glue from Micheals which I believe was around CA$3-5.00


Laser cut butterflies by Recollections from Micheals CA$2.99


White gesso from Micheal’s for CA$12.99


Stashed trinkets that I have accumulated over the years.






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