Simple and unique book marker DIY

For a lady who loves turquoise (and gold) and reading, here’s a feminine bookmarker for you!

YouTube vid on how I made this tag

Who needs a bookmarker? Apparently, I am starting to learn that I need one nowadays. Yes, I am back to reading and I am studying. However, this bookmarker is not for me. As usual, I am crafting for a friend’s birthday gift. I planned to give her a book and came up with the idea of making her a bookmarker as well.

As I have searched Pinterest on mixed media bookmarkers or tags, I have noticed that most of them are made out of paper. Which, I would also do, but I just knew that I was going to use these laser cut wood designs that I bought from Micheals.

Artminds Decorative Shapes from Micheals for CA$3.49 a pack of 4 pcs
Artminds shapes from Micheals at CA$ 2.99 a pack of 6 pcs.

I had browsed through Pinterest to generate an idea using these products, but most of the popular images are made out of cardstocks.I didn’t want to be discouraged so I will have to “wing it”, course asking God to help me with an idea how.

The materials listed in this blog regarding my Jardin bookmarker are all bought out of my own pocket. I am not sponsored to do this project.

1.) Craftsmart Satin Acrylic in Turquoise. Here is a value pack link with a price from Amazon . I think this was CA$1.99 from Micheals if I remember it correctly.img_4773

2.) Folkart Layering Stencils, Butterfly at Micheals for CA$8.99img_46551

3.) Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste at Micheals for CA$34.99 16oz. Although you can get them for a certain % off from their store coupons like this one.

4.) Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel from Micheals for CA$ 35.99 16 oz. img_46592

5.) Recollections Scrapbooking paper from Micheals on sale for CA$12.00.img_47691

6.) Little Birdie Crafts – Boutique Elements Collection – Symphony Flower – Blue from but sadly this is already discontinued. Closest I can find from the same site is this for CA$3.96 per pack of 30 pieces of flowers.img_4799

7.) These are assorted crystal beads. I have ones from Micheals for US$6.99 but the rest are from the dollar store.img_4853

8.) Jute twine at Canadian Tire for CA$1.99 ea.img_4852

9.) Martha Stewart Multi-surface metallic paints from Amazon was CA$15.32 in 2016img_48541


11.) These are assorted acrylic gems. The majority of my acrylics came from Michaels if I remember it correctly, it was around CA$14.99. Then the others are also from Michaels from the brand Ashland.img_4801

12.) Martha Stewart blue Pearl Metallic paint from Amazon .img_47281

I think we are all set! For more instructions on how I DIYed this unique tag, please watch my YouTube vid link!

FYI, I did not attend any calligraphy class lol. This is my normal handwriting on occasions that I have to write using my very best penmanship. Also, another personal FYI, I am a Christian so you will see me with more bible verse and the lady that I am giving this gift to is also a Christian.

Words are very powerful. Express yourself but choose your words wisely.


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