Dreamy-esque wall art decor with a feminine twist mixed media 12 x 12 canvas

Looking for a unique housewarming gift? Well, look no further with this DIY project!

watch how I made this step by step

This might be one of the projects that took more time to make than usual. I had to use a new product to adhere all my heavy embellishments, so fingers crossed.

Fucshia, teal, feminine (butterflies and florals), unique, dreamy with some gold accents. Yep, I think that sums it all, end of this blog. Kidding!

When I was looking for the inspiration to make a housewarming gift, I was going through my stack of scrapbooking paper and found this!

K&Company™ Jubilee Flat Paper, Teal Florals & Butterfly


Oh, the colors got me excited because I haven’t worked on pinks and blues in a while and this paper spoke to me. Yes, they do speak.

Quick disclaimer again, all of the products that I have used in this project are not sponsored and were bought from my own pocket. So, without further ado, let’s get to the materials list, shall we?

1.) 12 x 12 canvas. I bought a pack of 12pcs from Amazon in 2016.img_4650

2.) The scrapbooking paper that I have shown above.

3.) Gel Medium to adhere everything. Bought this tub at Micheals but here’s a link to Amazon for pricingimg_4659

4.) Modeling Paste also from Micheals but here is the Amazon pricingimg_4675

5.) White gesso from Micheal’s for CA$12.99img_4657

6.) Various stencil designs

butterfly layering stencil CA$8.99
crackle stencil CA$5.99
birds stencil CA$4.99

7.) Crushed glass from Ikeaimg_4767

8.) Pearl metallic paints by Martha Stewartimg_4728

9.) Glitter glue from Micheals which I believe was around CA$3-5.00img_4726

10.) Unfinished wood letter (MDF) 5in CA$2.49img_4663

11.) Various wooden shape decors

laser wooden heart shaped from Micheals CA$3.49
Laser Cut Corners from Micheals CA$2.99
Laser cut butterflies by Recollections from Micheals CA$2.99

12.) Additional cardstock on sale at Micheals for CA$12.00img_4769

The idea to do this project was to achieve a very sophisticated look. The person or family that I was giving this project to has two little girls, that’s why I wanted a very girly look.

A softer look was achieved by combining the colors in a very smoother look that is very pleasing in the eyes. This canvas didn’t need any dark colors to emphasize the details of the textures. The light palette of softer pinks, blues, and creams really made this project neutral but elegant at the same time.

I love how the gem embellishments complement the color scheme by giving little dimensions of each color.

Since this is the family’s first home, I was happy to include a bible scripture from Luke.


This verse is true when you want to describe a home.

I love how this one turned out! I encourage you to watch the video on how I made this project for more descriptive information.

Have a great day everyone!

a girly & beautiful masterpiece for a house decor
dreamy state wall art decor
bible verse unique wall art

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