Postcard-sized DIY father’s day card

It’s time for another great celebration!

To the fathers out there, this one is for you!


YouTube vid on how I made this card


Fatherhood is such an awesome experience, isn’t it? So many ups and downs of raising a child/children. Personally, I am excited to have kids myself and to see my fiance fulfilling this stage of his life. Anyway, this might sound bad but Eric and I were going to buy a father’s day card last week, but of course, we forgot. So, here we are, a blessing in disguise, another DIY for you! I haven’t done a postcard size mixed media card yet, so here goes.

For this project, you will need the following (not sponsored by these products). Prices are provided when you click their links:

1.) Cardstockimg_4497You can find this one here, although I think that I might have bought this from Micheals

2.) White cardstock for the inside part of your card. I bought mine from Staples.

3.) Stencil of your choice. CA$5.99img_46074.) Craftsmart Bronze Metallic paint I think this was less than CA$10 at Micheals. My acrylic paint set was bought last 2016 on Amazon.img_46365.) Beacon 3-in-1 craft glue and E6000 Clear glueimg_46356.) Dollarama lace CA$1.25img_46337.) The metallic trinkets that I have accumulated over the years.img_46329.) Bo Bunny Jewel Dotsimg_450110.) Molding Pasteimg_418111.) Dollarama clear or colored gems. I think these are CA$2.00 a bag if I remember it correctly.img_4139

12.) Dollarama wooden letters CA$4.00img_4230-1

To start, cut your preferred cardstock design to a postcard size. I didn’t really follow the exact postcard legal size, but I know that it must fit my postcard envelop. So, I used 4×5.5in dimensions to ensure that the finished product will fit the envelope.

After cutting this cardstock, begin to also cut the white cardstock with the same dimensions and adhere them together. I have used the craft glue to do so.

Plan your design. I wanted to do a collage for my base design. So, from the same cardstock brand, I looked at all the designs that spoke to me. Yes, they do speak.

This cardstock is very vintage and masculine which is perfect for my future father-in-law’s age. After I picked all the designs, I have to figure out how to stack them together.

I would strongly suggest using a craft glue to minimize the risk of your embellishments falling apart. Especially when using mixed media technique. The stronger the glue means better longevity of your masterpiece.

After working on your base background, it’s time to add texture. We will achieve this by using a stencil and a molding paste. There are few different pastes used by experience mixed media artists out there, but for now, this will do.

Usually, my stenciling will only stay at the edges of my canvas. This is true if I know that my focal point will be at the center. Dry the molding paste with, in my case a hair dryer from the thrift store.

99% of the time, I would prime my background with a white or black gesso. In this case, I wanted a satin finish so I combined the white gesso with water. Taking off the excess water and gesso with a paper towel. The same technique will be used when I paint on my colors. Since the color schemes of my cardstocks are vintage, I have opted for brown, warmer colors with a hint of gold metallic paint. Dry your paint once more.

When you have established your very background, it’s time to adhere all your other elements. If you have watched my video, you will see that the number 17 was one of my focal points. In order to achieve that, I had to attach them to a scrapbook paper that has a very different design, yet the colors could still be tied on my theme.

To be honest, whenever I do my craft designs, I don’t have a concise plan for the project’s finished look. I always say, design to your heart’s content. For some of you who are starting with mixed media, this might take a little practice. All I knew was, my design will involve the date of the father’s day.

After deciding where your focal point will be, it’s time to add more of the metal embellishments that you have. Of course, for metal and heavier embellishments, you will need to use either the E6000 glue, 3D gel medium or simply gel medium.

Make sure that the glue is dry before priming the embellishments. Now, I knew that there was something lacking with the look of my card, that is why I have decided to use my wooden letters on the other side of the embellishments. Voila! The look is semi-complete.

I love textures, so in order to give life to the wooden letters, I have stippled the molding paste giving them tiny peaks. I had to do this twice to give a more distinct detail. The same, prime the letters and then color your embellishments with the brown and gold paints.

We are almost done! One of the last steps to really giving a sense of satisfaction to a mixed media project is the bling. Using the Bo-bunny jewel dots, we are going to achieve that but not too much tho because we want to maintain the masculinity of the project. Although I have added lace on one of the corners.

Lastly, I feel that the bottom part of my canvas was a bit bland. So, I have decided to use the same scrapbook paper to stick under the stacks of cardstocks.

There you have it! I had fun creating this card and pardon the angle of my video. I am still trying to figure things out.

So, what do you think?





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