DIY wedding centerpiece using mixed media technique (featuring dollar store items)

Watch my YouTube vid 🙂

As soon as my wedding planner said, we might need more of your crafted centrepieces, I was a bit skeptical about making more.

But, here we are! Best part is, I filmed myself on the process of making this wedding centerpiece.

With this project, my plan was to create a different face to my vase. Perhaps changing the way I have embellished or painted? We shall see!

Here are the list of the items from the Dollar store:

9″ vase

DecoArt Crafter’s acrylic paint Peacock Blue and African Violet (the Craftsmart ones came from Micheals)




Green Moss that were spray painted with a Bronze paint

Decorative Gems

Crystal flat beds

Acrylic gems

Gemstone stickers

Stuff that came from Micheals

1. Stencil

2. Craftsmart Royal Blue, Regal Purple and Metallic paint in Blue.

3.) E6000 transparent glue

Items that I have hoarded online for at least a year ago:

Vintage keys and charms

Sizzix Thinlits by Tim Holtz

Black Gesso tub

Molding paste Gel Medium

Staying within our wedding theme colours, the Royal Blue (Peacock blue) paint was the colour of choice for this vase. Of course, priming your canvas with either white and in my case black gesso, will lessen the amount of coats that I had to make for my blue paint.

The Modpodge comes in handy after 2 coats of the black gesso and royal blue acrylic. It is an optional step, but in my opinion, it enhances the ability of your paints to adhere to one another and onto the vase.

In my previous experience of not doing the Modpodge, a heavy embellishment could potentially peel off the paint from the vase after adhering it using the E6000 glue.

My base texture of choice in this project was to use the stencil and molding paste. When applying the paste onto a surface with a stencil, make sure that your hands are steady and the stencil stays flat on your canvas to ensure clarity of the shapes.

Instead of using gold metallics for dimension, I have used the Metallic Blue for this project. The shin created by this paint plus the Modpodge added a different interest on the canvas.

I always go with the flow whenever I’m putting on embellishments. This means that my designs stems from whatever makes visual sense to me. My goal for a more cohesive wedding theme is to have uniformity of the embellishments that I have been using on my crafts. Coz sometime I get too carried away, lol.

On the bright side:

Crafting might seem like a lot of work and yes it is, but, the challenge of creating something from an inspiration is worth the time spent on a project. Be patient and kinder to yourself. An art takes time to perfect just like how God created everything in 7 days.


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