DIY Real life-sized picture frame – Adding uniqueness to your engagement photos

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you and it’s not a camera trick either. My fiance and I actually DIYed this picture frame and it only cost us roughly CA$50-60!

Why did I came up with this idea? Because I wanted Eric to do more work, lol! Insert one happy face 😁. EA62C14B-18AC-4863-A1AE-6AA7E44160BD.jpeg

We got our materials from Home Depot. As we were brainstorming on what could make a frame look vintage, we brought ourselves at the trim moulding aisle.

Taking Eric’s height measurement, we have eyeballed the correct height that we want and width by standing next to each other, making sure that we have enough room in the frame.

For the frame, we got 2″ x 3″ framing lumbers. We got 2 lumbers that are almost 6 feet long and 2 almost 4 feet long. The trim mouldings were close to the measurements of the lumbers.

We never have to sand the lumber and the roughness of it actually gave the frame some interest. The trim mouldings were a bit difficult to lay flat on the lumber as they had the tendency to bend away from the edge of the lumbers. A solution that we had was to apply weights as we bind the lumber and trim together using a wood glue. After a wrestling match and a half, we finally finished lol! And would let the adhesive cure for at least 24 hours before Eric will saw the edges to make a frame.

Thank goodness that Eric is a handyman, the lumbers were given the correct angles and made a proper frame. Drilled them together and we have ourselves a life-sized frame!

Now it’s time for me to do the designs along the frame. But, I don’t have the carving or sculpting skills. A good thing is that I know how to die cut. Using my butterfly die cut and cardstocks, this is how it turned out.

Now with a gold spray paint and brown acrylic paint, the details on this frame are spot on.


My butterfly die cut from Spellbinders link here:DIE D-LITES OUTRAGEOUS BUTTERFLY ETCHED DIES

Adding vines, flowers and necklaces from Dollarama, this frame is set!


So happy that this frame came to life and we actually had more fun on our engagement photo.

Our pictures were taken in Saskatoon, SK, Canada near the farmer’s market downtown (Saskatoon Farmers’ Market, 120 Sonnenschein Way, Saskatoon, SK S7M 1M8). The photoshoot took place at the River Landing East. It is a scenic river view that is memorable to me and Eric because he proposed here. The farmer’s market in Saskatoon is a popular place to be at because everything that is sold there are from the locals and it’s a great wedding venue as well.

This couple’s project tested our patience for sure lol.

We are stronger together with God’s grace.


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