DIY steampunk goggles using Dollar store items

If you are a steampunk enthusiast just like me, you will relate to this blog post. This is my first attempt to make a pure steampunk gadget lol.

For this project, you will need the following materials:

Unused bracelets
Acrylic gems from the Dollar store
Gear cogs
Alternative to gear cogs: Paper clips from Dollar Tree
Metallic copper paint
Safety pins from the Dollarstore
Any unused leather belt/bracelet


Transparent E6000 glue from Micheals

Dollarama stackable container x 2 (image from Kreations Karyn’s blog )


Swimming goggles from Dollarama


For the first step, you need to prime the containers, I have chosen a black paint. The black Gesso paint had to be painted 2-3 coats to give that rich color and texture.

I wanted to make an orangey-bronzed color for the lid containers so I had to blend the orange acrylics with the metallic bronze until I got the color that I wanted.  The yellow/gold part of this project is optional and you can leave the center of the lid containers as it is or you can get creative by putting acrylic gems to give a crystal-like illusion or the paperclips.

So, you are done paiting the container in the colors that you wanted. Now, it’s time to embellish the project. You can use the bracelets, safety pins and cogs (or paperclips) like I did in this project by playing around to get a steampunk look that would make sense to you.

My idea was drawn from the rings similar to this picture courtesy of Kurczak ‘s work.


But of course, Kurczak’s work is more intense (lol). So, I made the rings from what I have in my crafting items. Secure your work using the E6000 glue and be careful not to stick your fingers together.

To create more interest, I used the leather belt that has little circular metal studs and glued it around the outside rim of the lid container.

To tie the look together, I have used the elastic bands of the swimming goggles. The bands had to be stretched out to fit around each eye pieces (by eye pieces, I meant the ones that you just made out from the containers). Be mindful of the delicate pieces of your craftwork while doing this – I had to re-glue my rings a few times (lol).

Lastly, the nose piece that will connect the two eye pieces together. Using the one that I got from the same goggles and the safety pins, a creative nose piece was made.

Once the glue was cured, I carefully put my steampunk goggles on a top hat that I also bought from Dollarama.

Here is the final look! What do you guys think?




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