Steampunk mode: For her vest

Presenting….. My vest!

Okay, now this piece of art is really a piece of work. Let me tell you, I almost gave up on this vest lol!

My concept was derived from Eric's vest. Half altered, and half basic. But, knowing me of course I went all out.

Would you believe me if I tell you that this vest looked like this before?

And yes I bought it from Value Village for $3.99 Canadian dollar around June 2017.

So, I was debating in my mind if I should go white themed, since I'm the bride-to-be or not. In the end, it was a combination of Eric's vest concept with a touch of white.

Basically, the approach that I've used on the purple and blue side of the vest was the same as the previous vest that I made. The difference would be the finishing touches.

Cogs + safety pins + old bracelets + glue

I knew that my old bracelets will have use in the future and here they are! I bought them couple years ago from Shop Miss-A.

Safety pins were from Dollarama and the cogs were a gift from me. Eric said he bought them from Wish.

Cogs + die cut butterflies + multi-layered chain necklace + fancy black buttons + all-purpose heavy duty glue

Here I have used the same cogs from Wish then left-over butterflies. Multi-layered chain necklace from Dollarama, around $3.00 CA. The fancy black buttons came from Fabricland.

I have attached the necklace using the safety pins from Dollarama.

Stamped gold cogs and butterflies + brooch gold fish + leather strap + die cut butterflies

Back part: unused necklace

This is the outfit for him and for her 💙💜


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